The full design and schematics can be seen in the January 2018 issue of AudioXpress.

The 6922s is the result of many prototypes and refinements. It uses a 6922 tube in tandem with an HA-5002 buffer.
This is a very powerful union, the tube gives that sweet sound only tubes can give and the buffer adds no coloration,
just power that will drive almost every conceivable source. The buffer stage itself has been constantly refined over
several amps.

6922 tubes have a reputation for noise, yet this amp is whisper quiet and the power supply circuit gently
raise both the filament and the HV ensuring long tube life well beyond what a tube rectification system can give.

Quiet and refined in a low cost package that belies it's superb sound.

This is the presentation case, I use it for my TV/CD amp now.

The traditional case is easier to build and easier to keep dead quiet.

PCBs for the 6922s are available. I did not spec gold boards because this is a kit and if
builders make mistakes gold boards are unforgiving.
The boards are also white to make it easier for builders to jot down notes. They are 2 oz copper.
A programmed uC to control the display and gain is also included. Please contact us for pricing.