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As a young boy in the 1960's I waited at my mail box at the beginning of each month eagerly anticipating all the new electronic and DIY project magazines. In the mid 90's I started writing for several of them bringing my own articles to DIYers everywhere and now that I'm retired that tradition continues.

I hope you enjoy the projects I'm now bringing forward in AudioXpress and other publications.

Please contact us about pricing for PCBs for these projects.

contact Us: robert(at)dsgnspec(dot)com

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Latest Designs:


The Original Willow

It's named after the cat in the background. An experimental amp using the "PI" pot from an earlier AudioXpress.

Merlyn is a tube headphone amp. This is the first version, an updated version appeared in the

May 2012 issue of AudioXpress that expanded to be a headamp/preamp combo.

The original Merlyn:

The New Merlyn